Editor Guidelines

Being an editor, he/she should carry out their importance or responsibilities with much adherence to improve the quality of the journal. It is prudent to oversee the journal policies at regular times and assisting the publisher in maintaining the journal’s quality towards serving the scientific community.

Guidelines to be followed

  • For the improvement of journals, the editor should actively seek the views of editorial board members, reviewers, authors.
  • Encourage research into peer review, technology advance and reassess journal processes in the light of new discoveries.
  • Publishing Press welcome their editor’s suggestions in providing appropriate resources and guidance from experts for the improvement of the journals.
  • Encourage & educate researchers about publication ethics and conducts.
  • Recruiting authors personally and encourages in the submission of quality of articles.
  • Should be well determined whether a submitted manuscript is appropriate for the journal. Based on the field of research (or) subject, editor will assign submitted manuscript for the peer review process.
  • Simultaneous submission of the same article will be rejected.
  • Ensure feedback provided to authors is always constructive and fair.
  • If the articles do not meet the policies and terms of submission leads to be rejected.
  • Taking care to guard the author’s identity and work article submitted for peer review should be treated in confidence.
  • Recruit high profile reviewers using multiple sources which you were aware with your network.
  • Monitor the process of peer review and take steps to ensure and assure this is of high standard.
  • Communicate with reviewers as regularly as possible, according to their availability give them a clear instructions in maintaining quality of the journal.
  • Avoid conflicts of interest when making assignments. Check whether reviewer has history of conflict with author.
  • Should encourage reviewers to comment on- ethical questions and possible research and publication misconduct raised by submissions (e.g. unethical research design, inappropriate data manipulation and presentation).
  • The originality of article submissions should be without plagiarism.
  • Recommend acceptance or rejection of the articles considered for publication to the journal Editor.

Following these guidelines we have to assure that our review process will be efficient and helpful in maintaining the standard and quality of the articles. This will also helpful for maintaining a good scientific relation between author(s), editors and reviewers.

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